TeaBreak with Grub

So I have not been posting much again.. Lol..

Anyway, I wanted to do a post about the recent food hunt. I have been to a few locations lately, so I will do the posts one by one.

The first stop I had was 2 weeks ago at Grub. Grub is located at the Ang Mo Kio – Bishan Park. You can’t missed this cafe as its in the middle of the park. It has a nice setting where you can have a good view of the bustling life of nature. In other words, bee and birds trying to find food from the flower petals.

Anyway, I got to know Grub through one of the instagrammer whom I followed. She went to this location and ordered this which caught my attention.

Mentaiko Fries:


I found it special as they served seaweed together with the fries. I am not quite sure what sauce they added with it but it was well mixed.

I also ordered a main course which came along with another set of fries. -.-

Chicken Thigh Burger:


If you are interested, do give this cafe a try as they have good food, good setting. Be ware of their opening and closing hours. On Saturday, they are closed at 4pm to a certain timing which I can’t remember. If you want to have a tea break at this cafe, do check in early and get your orders ready.

Dont miss this.

Overall Rating 4/5


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