The next location that I went to was Symmetry. It happened last Saturday afternoon right after my class.

Symmetry is located somewhere near Bugis and Jalan Besar area. You can have a look up from google map if you are interested.

Anyway, I can’t recommend much about what was listed in the menu as there weren’t any images of the food. I have no idea what to order but my friend suggest to try this.

Truffle Fries:


It was a bucket full of fries and it was a KO if you are having a main course and trying to finish this. Truffle is something that I think not many can accept as the taste is very extreme. I like the fries but not the way it went with Truffle. So I can only say I like how the picture was taken. Lol.

As we were kind of at the wrong hours so we weren’t given the house seat but we were given the seats outside which became a sun tan later in the afternoon. The experience was crazy. Lol. If you want to have a bar like cafe, this should be a good place as I had a sneak preview of how it looks like inside the cafe. It was quite lively inside but crampy too.

Overall rating, 3/5


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