Actually I am not sure why I login but I thought probably I can do some writing.

What should I write?

Write about things that happened today?

Ok. Today marks 1 year since I came into the company. Nothing big actually but if I have got a girlfriend in the process, it will be a different story. Anyway, nothing special happened today. Just some light chats.

Ok. Why not we talked about the game I am working on lately. Since we know that FF13 is the latest hit on PS3 from Square Enix. It has not really move about from the story and it have 2 more sequels to it. The final one is lightning returns in which I am trying to complete. This game isn’t as easy as it looks. The developer has removed the old RPG playing style and reinvent a quest based level up system. You can also spend in game cash to strengthen your character.

At first, I thought it would be easy as I don’t have to grind that much to gain the best levels to go against bosses. When I came to realize that I have to spend time on side quests and the time limit given in game is crazy. Only 12 days were allowed and on the 13th day you have to be against the last boss. That is what I read online. I am already on the 6th day and I only complete one area. -.- What to do? Difficult game to play and it makes it even more dumber with the time system.


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