So I have been doing volunteer work for the past 2 weekends. I have very extreme experiences with the 2 different organizations. I will not name them but I will do a comparison.

The first one happened on last Saturday. 28th of June at the area close to my work place. The experience was crazy. Yeah, Crazy. Its not about the work that I was tasked but how the organizer planned things. Initially, they had everything planned out in the mail and I expect them to follow as it was my first attempt at this job. When I was there, I was mistaken as one of the residents. To add on, they didn’t even do any briefings. Everything just started out in a scramble mode. Everyone was rushing to help the residents with no directions. For a first timer, the first 10 minutes was a struggle. A struggle whether to stay or leave as they don’t even know if I was there and even needed me. I was able to survive a tough 3 hours job with no idea of what I am doing. Lol? My first ever volunteer experience was crushed by this horrible organization.

Luckily, the one that I went this morning was well organized. They have a list of things to do and even appointed ICs to take charge. Instructions and directions were very clear even for kids as there were really kids at the age of 5-6 years old. I enjoyed the whole process even though it involves climbing up and down the block.

2 different experiences and I would rather go for the one I went today. Its better and more fun. Just that I need to be more open to make new friends that I am so lacking recently…. Let’s hope to find a friend in the next volunteer work if I am able to get to sign up for it.


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