I have not been posting much on either blogs I am using currently. Probably I am just too lazy or should I say I weren’t traveling much as compared to what had happened few weeks back. Much of it was due to the reason of the inability to overcome the rejected situation 6 weeks ago. I am also being tested for my patience with meeting up with people who doesn’t give a damn about me. So lately, its been staying home to rest up and I finally decided to do some searching and blogging on food again.

Saveur, is a French cuisine restaurant located at Far East plaza, next to KFC. They have another outlet at Purvis street, you can check them out at this site:

I got to know this restaurant 3 weeks ago on a tv show where they focused on good food and cheap food. What caught my attention was the duck confit and chicken Roulade that I will give a brief introduction later on. I wanted to head down straight on the same weekend after the show but the restaurant was packed and waiting time was up to 40 minutes for table for 3. It was crazy and so I had to call the deal off and my objective was not met that day and it got snowballed the rest of the day.

I finally found time and decided to head down today for lunch. The crowd weren’t as overwhelming as it was 3 weeks ago. I only had to wait for approximately 10minutes to get my seat. Its quite surprising for me when I entered as there weren’t any receptionist and the one who welcomes you is a machine that you have to use to key in to get the queue number. They will send you a sms on your number and once your seat is ready they will give you a computer generated call to confirm.

The service in general was good. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes to get served, just that the once you called for the bill, it takes forever to come. Probably there were others trying to get the bill done as well.

So lets get down to it.

The 2 dishes that I ordered was

1. Chicken Roulade


2. Duck Confit



ImageChicken Roulade cost $9.90 for its rice and chicken. The portion may looked small to some but the quality worth the price. They mixed cheese with the rice that comes with the chicken and it totally blend well with the chicken. Dish of the day.

Duck Confit cost slightly higher at $12.90. It tastes just like … a duck. Lol. I am serious. There weren’t much specialty and its just a well roasted/grilled duck on top of mash potatoes and mushroom around it. Its still worth the try.

Overall environment and food rating: 4/5.

Dating location: 5/5 (At night)


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