If there’re seasons

In this episode, we will be looking at food as well as musical on the very same day! I am going for a MUSICAL! Yeah!

It all started at Bugis since the musical is at National Library, Drama Centre. I met with one of my friends for dinner at Bugis+. There weren’t much plan actually as we have almost completed trying out those decent restaurants through out the mall. There was this restaurant at Level 1 which I haven’t really try it yet so we went in for dinner. The name of the restaurant is CoCo Ichibaya.

They specially serve curry rice with different toppings. Mostly are fried. I got myself a Fried Chicken Omelette rice and a glass of Japanese Green tea. Guess how much it cost with GST and service charge? ~S$18!. It was quite pricey but the amount was proportional to the price. You won’t regret ordering it if you are into curry rice.

ImageThey do serve in a set meal for $18.50 excluding GST and service charge. The set meal will come with a drink and also a dessert which you can choose from salad or an ice cream.

The service was fast and the workers were polite and make you feel like you are at a Japanese restaurant with all those “Hai!” “Hai!” and “Hai!”.

Overall rating, I would give 3.5/5. I would only return if I am craving for curry rice, if not I will not do a revisit since they only serve curry rice.

After that, we head to McDonald’s for dessert. I didn’t order any as I was full. In fact, we went over to Bras Basah for it. The McDonald’s around the mall were packed and they didn’t sell what my friend needs.

At 730pm, we went off as I have to be at Drama Centre at 7.45pm to catch a glimpse of my lecturer!

ImageI went into the Drama centre at 7.45pm and I was lucky enough to see my lecturer having a short photo taking session. As I know that the time is short as the play is about to begin, so I immediately went up to him and asked for a picture.

The resolution of the picture looks poor as the person who helped take was a bad photographer but still it was a dream come true.


ImageI was here on Good Friday. I saw him as well but I didn’t went up to him. I was disheartened by the rejection given by my most beloved person. I wasn’t able to look at anyone during that day and I even ended up skipping the whole musical half way through. I made a promise to myself to find a way to go back in and stay through the play. I am not mistaken, the play was awesome! I love the plot and everything. The music was well selected and everything matches with everything.

ImageI actually wasn’t ready to watch again. In fact, I was worried what if some of the scene reminds me of what happen the other night. Luckily it didn’t trigger anything but in between some of the scenes, it just reminds me of her and some of the music did that as well. Still I stayed on and completed my first musical ever since 2010.

After that there was a short autograph session for all the main cast to do an autograph on the souvenirs. ImageImageIt was wonderful yesterday. I had fun. Had a great dinner and a great musical. I hope If there’re seasons will make another comeback in the future. 🙂

Spoiler about the story:

This musical is about A-Le and his journey to find love. It all started with A-Le and Xiao Jing. Xiao Jing has already past away went the story started. A-Le was very very devoted to Xiao Jing and he couldn’t forget about her. In desperation to start over a new life, A-Le decides to leave Singapore for New York, hoping that his only dream music will make a name for himself.

When he was in New York, he met a few immigrants that used to be Singaporeans and they love music as well. They actually spent time together and discuss music and formed a band hoping to become famous in New York. Here comes the female lead named Rose. Rose was also a devotee to music. She went through a number of audition hoping to make a name for herself. At this time, she met A-Le and fell in love with him. They didn’t confess to each other immediately and as the story proceed further, they confessed to each other and realized that Rose had to leave New York with her dream to make a name for herself. A-Le was disappointed as she wasn’t doing it in a “clean” way, she had to betray herself for making a name for herself which in the end caused a lot of unhappiness between each other.  Rose left after that and A-Le decided that New York isn’t the place for him to stay either, so he went back to Singapore.

There was also another role actor in this play called A-Qiang. He was a gay but he loves music. Throughout the plot, he actually met his partner whom decided to come back for him. A Qiang gave up his dream for love and left New York for Canada for love. In the end, he decided to give up the idea as it was too far fetched and came back to New York to continue pursuing his dream and found out that A-Le has already left for Singapore.

The ending was special. A-Le and Rose met at Xiao Jing’s tomb. A-Le found out that Rose didn’t went to pursue her dream as she was so in love with A-Le. She decided to fly to Singapore to look for A-Le. The story ended with A-Le finally able to let go of Xiao Jing and start a new journey with Rose.

Its a happy ending.


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