Tiramisu Hero

In this episode of Travel with ME! We will be visiting a shop that started out as a blog and became successful.

The Tiramisu hero.

There are some pictures I took from the website itself as I didn’t manage to take the photos due to low battery on my phone.


The shop is located at 121 Tyrwhitt Road. It actually very close to Jalan Besar stadium. Its walking distance from Rochor road, bugis and even from Farrer Park MRT. I got lost actually on my way but still ended up there all sweaty and wet. ><

Opening hours is from 11am to 10pm daily except for Wednesday which is their rest day. Do make a reservations or be there early if you are on an important date as people tends to sit there like a dead log and don’t move away quickly. The design of the shop was pretty. As you can see from the images I have uploaded, there is a small corner for photo taking. You can just set your head into the panda and take a photo. Its a fun cafe but too small to hold many that’s the reason why they have a mini garden outside to cater for more customers. You don’t really want to be at the outside on a bright sunny day. Trust me.

As it was fully packed with a long queue waiting to be seated. I decided to just grabbed a mug of tiramisu and have it at somewhere quieter.

ImageThey have a number of different flavors for Tiramisu. I chose chocolate. It cost me $7.50 which I believe most of it was paid to the glass mug. It didn’t taste very special actually but it was nice. The cake was able to melt when I was having it. Rating it at 3.5/5.

They also have a wide variety of main courses which I don’t have the chance to try. Probably I will visit again soon.


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