Burger craze

Over the past weekend I have been to 2 different food outlets. Both has similarities which is being Western. Coincidentally, they are both burgers with their own cooking methods and style.

First place I am going to discuss about happens to be at a remote location. The name of this food outlet, I can’t call it a restaurant as it doesn’t have that feel which felt more like a fast food outlet, anyway, the name is Omakase Burger. It is located at 200 Turf Club Rd, 287994 which is a very inaccessible location. You can either walk in after alighting from a bus which I can’t remember which but anyway, I took it from Botanic garden or you can take the shuttle bus. There is a few locations for the shuttle bus, Toa Payoh, Clementi and Bukit Merah. You have to know the exact location to take the bus as I have no idea until I decide to leave the area to find out that there was free shuttle services.

Omakase Burger by its name sells burger. It has a wide variety of burgers to choose from. Last Saturday, I ordered Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a can of coke. It cost me $22.90. Its not as cheap as the normal burger outlet but their meat and bun are pretty awesome.

Honestly, when I ordered it I thought it was a pork burger, instead, it came with a mixture of pork and beef. How unsettled it was as it just didn’t crossed my mind that the cheeseburger portion is in fact beef and bacon is pork. The fries are salty at the bottom. i guess they over placed the amount of salt and made the whole thing taste bad.

ImageThere isn’t much things to do and see over at this location. It is mainly surrounded by car workshops. I can say for a leisure Saturday afternoon, if you are alone and nothing to do, you can try coming to this place and relax. Not much crowd over here. You can also ask a friend to join you but be sure that you do enough research if not you will end up walking up to the outlet which took more than 20 minutes.

I will give this a fair 3.5/5 rating.

The next outlet is none other than Fatboy’s The Burger bar. They have a number of outlets. Upper Thomson, Katong, Far East Plaza and Pasir Panjang.I think the main branch is at upper thomson and the place that I got the recommendation was also at Upper Thomson, so I went over for a meal on a Sunday afternoon.

This outlet isn’t too far away from Marymount station if you know the way. Its just next to a shell petrol station, very close to the LongHouse food court.

ImageThe shop isn’t a big one. If you are intending to throw a party with a lot of friends, you have to book I guess? Because there are really limited seats. I was lucky as there isn’t much people around and so I got a seat for myself.

I placed an order for Holy Caesar. Its definitely a Chicken and pork burger. I am certain as the meat weren’t red.

ImageGuess what, it tastes HOLY. It is really nice. It worth every cent as the bacon and chicken meat really mix well with its sauce. I have no idea what sauce it was but it was godlike. Definitely worth the try. With a price of $18.95, you can get this meal and a glass of coke float. I will give them a 4/5 rating. Really good.


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