Marutama Ramen 1

I have to dust out the dust on this blog. Its just way too quiet here. I am not traveling so often lately. I think I will do some post of me traveling around in Singapore and also do some food blog as well?. AND SO!!!

In this episode of Travel with me, we will be visiting one of the famous ramen stall in Singapore. It is situated in the bustling location in Singapore, Clarke Quay, Central. This ramen stall (Marutama ramen) is being owned by a Japanese owner and is said to be one of the chief who made these ramen. They are famous for its chicken braised soup base and also its ramen. If you are in for chinese chicken herbal soup, this is the ramen stall specially designed for you.

They have a few other side dishes that are quite interesting. For example, the braised pork rice ( 滷肉飯) in Japanese style. If you are looking to go for something light before going for the main, this is something you won’t want to miss. With a small bowl of rice along with a few slices of sweet and sour radish and along with the main lead, pork, it will cost you at ~ $6 (if I didn’t remember it wrongly). This dish is called xxx Gohan (:P I can’t remember the full name, anyway, the staff should know when you place the order). Don’t miss it!


Other than that we had other dishes such as the radish in a chicken soup and also the following Yaki Char Siu. This was said to be the best side dish but probably due to change in staff and everything the standard has declined drastically. It is tasteless and oily. I am not sure if the burnt part was done deliberately but the whole thing was a disaster. But you can still give them a chance probably they rushed it out for us for today.



The main dish of the day was Marutama ramen. I have tried this a few years ago and I came back with my ramen friends to give it a try. Honestly, for $12 without the egg, the whole portion was already very large. The ramen was adequate and the soup was nice even though only 2 slices of char siew was given. The overall display and taste deserve the price.Image

Anyway, if you really love ramen, then this is something that you don’t want to miss. I hope that this first ever food post doesn’t turn you off as I am not experienced in writing such post. I am unsure of the things to post and write. Lol. Anyway, hope you like it. Another time for travel with me (food post!) 🙂



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