Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. 18 Feb’14

In this episode of Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. This will be my final day in Sydney!

I am all excited and ready to fly home but my flight was delayed for another 2 hours. I should be home at around 7pm but it ended up at around 9pm when I touched down. Suck! But I couldn’t make any difference anyway. Lol. I won’t have any surprise welcome home from anyone. So I thought of doing more shopping on this last day.


I bid goodbye to the motel for the last time. I dragged my heavy luggage up onto the bus and will travel around sydney with it. First stop, town hall station. I am so gonna go to the wishing well outside QVB. I want to make a wish. I want to wish that … so I made a wish and toss a coin into it. Well, come to think of it, I just wondered if it will really come true. Its a simple wish after all.

I didn’t have a plan at this point. All my ideas were to do shopping. So I went around and do some window shopping. I saw an urban fashion store and went in to get myself a piece of tee. The sales girl was shocked to see me in my luggage but she was nice enough to help me look after as I went around looking at the clothes they have. Total spending AUD$20. I didn’t buy much as I did spend a lot during CNY period so not on clothes any more.

I wanted to visit the Strand arcade but I have no idea where exactly it was. As I made my way around, I accidentally stumbled into it.


A really old building with a lot of branded goods but there isn’t much options unlike QVB. I am still able to get some snacks over here for my family anyway.

ImageI continued on shopping along the streets and saw a few buskers trying to make a living.

I guess it was around 12pm when I was at some mall.

I went in to their food court for a meal. I chose another chinese stall and got myself wanton noodle.


Honestly, after my lunch I have no idea where to head to actually. So I continued to drag my luggage around the streets and saw a Prada owned building and when it was time, I went straight to the station and head to the airport.

This will be my last picture of Sydney.

ImageI can;t wait to fly home. I miss everyone. I wonder if everything/everyone was doing okay. I even wanted to dial back but I decided not to. Probably its a bit to disturbing.. Lol.

Ok. Actually I was still early when I was at the airport. I went on to do further shopping to help my colleague get his stuffs. I even had the time to have another burger from Mcdonald’s. Lol.


And so yeah!!!! I finally saw my plane and getting ready to board my plane! I am finally going home and going to end this crazy lone trip.

ImageThe plane took off early. There weren’t much passenger on board. I think my seat was being upgraded to business class. The color of the seat was different and it was more comfy than the usual one. I don’t know actually.



The view up on the sky!

Image7.5 hours up on the air reading books can drive on crazy. I have no one to talk to. I can’t use my phone and I can’t facebook and yah I already said I can’t use my phone!! So I was so hungry that I decided to spend $12 on the overpriced meal to warm my stomach alittle. It was quite good actually. I just hope that they can have more variety on their menu.













Ok. I landed at around 9pm and went to exchange my currency and went to grab a bread from a paris branded bakery and head straight home on a taxi. First thing guess what I do?

Turn on my office laptop and check all the mails. Workaholic isn’t it? Lol… Its the motivation that make me strive that much.

That’s the end of my cover for Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. I hope that you have enjoyed traveling with me for ~ 3days. I hope that I will make a trip soon with a friend or a girl friend which is even better. But from what I can see, I can’t find another possible lineup, so probably my next trip will be named as Solo 2.0 (Country)…

So long for the next episode of Travel with me!


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