Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. 17th Feb.

In this episode of Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. We will be going through 17th Feb, my 3rd day in Sydney.

The stop was Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour was situated around the CBD region. You can reach the location by alighting at Town Hall station. I can’t remember which station did I alight but I guess you can reach the location if you know where to walk from Chinatown to Darling harbour or from Town hall station.

My breakfast was at the subway again. I made an order for Chicken Teriyaki but I was given something else unfortunately. Luckily it was chicken as I can see that the meat was white. Then I made my way to Darling Harbour.

This is Darling Harbour.


I took a panoramic view of the location but I guess I wasn’t at the right location, the image wasn’t properly stitched and so I won’t share it.

This is another view of at Darling Harbour.


Darling harbour can be considered another center of attraction. It is closed to the Chinese Garden. We can visit the IMAX. They have the wax museum and aqua and life museum here as well. All that was mentioned was not covered by me as I thought they were similar with the things that I have went to or seen before I came here. Besides that, the maritime Museum was also situated here.

I didn’t head straight into the museum as I thought I was way too early. So I decided to do a tour outside the museum as there were a number of display that is “opened” to public to view from outside. If you want to enter the vessels, you would have to pay the entrance fee. As I was sharp enough, I got a coupon at the airport and got a 15% off from the usual price. The entrance fee for me was about AUD$23.

The following is the lighthouse that was situated around the museum. I did climb the lighthouse to have a good view of the harbour. Honestly, it was a huge effort to climb up but there weren’t much to see. It will be great if you could be up with your love ones. Hmm.. Since I am going in alone, I stayed less than a minute and I made my way down to ground level.


Since I was early, I guess probably at around 950am, I decided to visit all the vessels since the museum itself was plain boring. Its all about the history and I can’t find anything interesting to take picture.

But dont be mistaken, the vessels are the main event for this museum.

I visited the battleship and also the submarine. The following is the submarine.


It is seriously crazy to lead a life in the submarine. Space is a problem. Most of the time, you have to be crouching to move around. Look at the space in the picture, its crazy!


After that, I went to visit the 20th Century’s vessel. It was said to be led by Captain Cook.



The vessel was even more stuffy than the first 2. There was this guide that saw me panting, he even asked if I was okay. He was such a nice guy and explained what was going on down at the deck.

I didn’t spent more time inside the deck. I head out and it was already 12pm. Lunch time~

I went straight to a shopping centre which is Harbourside Shopping centre.

ImageI went straight to their food court and ordered something from a Indian Stall. I got myself a chicken Curry rice. I told the counter that I wanted a curry chicken rice but I was asked to confirm if its chicken curry rice. I was bewildered by it, isn’t it the same? lol..

I did walk around to look for something to buy as a gift for my loved ones, friends or colleagues but it was so empty. It felt like a normal shopping mall at home. I broke up the trail and decided to do a stroll on the Prymont bridge.


I thought I was kind of early to make my way for the next location, so I walked to Chinatown and visited a dessert stall that I wanted to visit the day before.

This was the time when I started to think of people back home. I missed all my friends, family and her. The best part here was that I can speak mandarin. I can listen to chinese pop, I can be more carefree.


After a cold nice dessert, I took a train to Museum station and the next stop was Australian Museum. This year, the museum was featuring Tyrannosaurs. I was so excited to find out that they are featuring it as I can see the T-REX up close!

Look this is the T-rex!!!!


There are alot of fossils of dinosaurs here, they even have fossils of non extinct animals.

DSCF4552  DSCF4602 DSCF4612

I guess I spent almost 2 hours here and when I was done with the last section of the exhibit, it was only 330pm. I don’t quite know where else should I go next. I actually intend to go to the Hyde Park on the next day but I have so much time to spare and it was just a few steps away, so I decided to make my way to the hyde park and also St Mary’s Cathedral.


St Mary’s Cathedral was really beautiful interior and exterior. I have nothing to say when I went in. It was so huge. Everything was so tall and beautiful. I wanted to stay for long but I didn’t. I wanted to make my way to the next location. Hyde Park.

DSCF4662 DSCF4665

So Hyde park was another ordinary park but there was fountain and more lively. More crowd and more youngsters were here skating.


I actually saw a married couple taking their photo here as well. OK. so when will it be my turn thought came through me. Walked off to the ANAC memorial park.


So I guess on a Monday afternoon, after visiting so many places, I am done. I have completed my itinerary for the day. I really have no idea what else to do. So I went back to the train station and took the train to Circular Quay station. It was only 5pm when I am at the station. I wanted to wait for the sunset. My foot was sore. I decided to take my time as I thought sunset would happen at around 630pm.

I went around and took a few selfie. I won’t upload them here. Lol.

A DSCF4682 DSCF4690 DSCF4694

I walked around and even went to walk around the rock. They have a ship themed restaurant. The idea was you dine on a ship. I bet its very expensive, so I didn’t dine in there.

Basically, I stood at the the bridge close to the opera house for almost 2 hours to wait for the sunset. DSCF4702

That was my first sight on sunset at a foreign country. Nothing special no achievement but it felt different. I don’t know how to describe it.



I guess it was already 730pm when everything was done. I went back to central station and wanted to have dinner there. Not sure what should I try. So I decided to visit a chinese stall and ordered something familiar. Char Siew Rice. I also had bubble tea from chat time. Lol.

20140217_201902 20140217_202854

After that, I went took a bus back to the hotel. I had to wait for a full 30 to 40 minutes as I missed the bus.

Final view of the motel at night. Going home soon to see you~! 🙂



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