Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. 16th Feb 2014 Part 2

In this episode of Travel With Me!, we will still be at Sydney, we will continue on the second half of the itinerary on 16th February.

After the visit to Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo, I took a ferry back to Circular Quay and then another ferry to Watson Bay. Watson Bay in Sydney is famous for its Doyles restaurant as well as the scenery of The Gap. Since I left Taronga Zoo at around 1230. I decided to have lunch at Watson Bay.


Once alighting from the ferry, you will see the restaurants. Actually should be restaurant as it is only Doyles at that area. You can choose to do a fine dining or a simple takeaway at the beach for a quick meal. They have a variety of seafood but they were quite expensive. I chose the cheapest and simplest meal which is Fish and Chips. It cost just AUD$13.80 and I am given 4 huge pieces of fish fillet and abundant supply of fries found in the box.


The portion was crazy. I wasn’t able to finish it myself. I managed to finish 3/4 pieces and leaving the fries alone. If you are going in a pair, just order one of this and probably additional chips, you will be full for the afternoon.

After lunch, I make way to the scenery view, The Gap. It was nice that the rain had decided to stop for a moment and the walk up to the scenery was a breeze.

It took my breath away as it was really magnificent. Unfortunately, this location has a high number of suicidal cases and you can see how well fenced this location was.Image

After doing some climbing and exploration and some history reading, I make my way back to Doyles for some cool ice cream. It cost just AUD$5 for 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream. Its nice actually.


I head back to the ferry terminal and waited for the ferry where I met a group of Singaporean trying to find out the price of the ferry trip to Rose Bay. I didn’t plan in Rose Bay as I have no idea that it exist and I don’t know what can be done there so I didn’t follow them and head back to circular quay yet again.

I didn’t continue to take another ferry or explore the area as it was raining heavily. I went to take the train and head to Town Hall station to visit Queen Victoria Building and at the same time do some shopping and hunt some good items.


They actually had this wishing well close to QVB. It features the Queen’s dog, Islay. I made a wish uneasily as there isn’t anyone near it doing any wishes. I hope I didn’t look odd. Lol. But I only make the wish on my last day as I was too shy to do it at all.

The interior of the building was very grand. It looks like we are in the olden years but their shops are top brand.


I spent some time walking around and do some window shopping and got a few items to bring back home to eat. This is a good place to hunt for necessities.

It was already 530pm, so I made way to the next location. As Australians tend to knock off at 5pm, all the attractions are closed by then if they are to be paid. So I went to an attraction that does not requires any entrance fee which is Chinatown.

To an Asian, Chinatown shouldn’t be anything special. We have Chinatown here but I don’t see any specialty. In Sydney, you can feel the differences. Anyway, I didn’t exactly find the location only after I had my dinner. I was walking in circles to find it as there weren’t signs and there were a number of chinese shops that doesn’t explain as Chinatown. The closest I got before dinner was Market City and it was next to the flee market Paddington’s Paddy market. I was late and the flee market was closed. So I went to do more shopping at the Market City building and found a food court. I didn’t try any Western food instead I ordered from the Japanese stall operated by English Educated Chinese.

Its Teriyaki Chicken don at ~ AUD$13. I can’t remember the figure but I can say the portion is really large as well. I only managed to finish 3/4 of it.


After that I went on to explore and I found CHINATOWN….


There were lots of China men. LOTS OF. But I felt the warmth as they weren’t speaking a language that I can’t understand and I am used to their tone. Hearing them and seeing them makes me felt like I was home for a moment. So I spent sometime walking around and seeing what stalls they had.

I even found something familiar there and ordered one of those milktea and brought it back to the hotel.


I walked back to Central Station and took bus from the bus terminal back to motel.

It was ~ 9 – 930pm and I finally got my key to check in to my room. I was so happy about it. Then I realized that the tv controller was broken. I gave up and decided to switch the channel by using the controller on the tv. They didn’t have special programmes unlike those from Taiwan. So I spent most of the time watching Nickoleoden and spending time with SpongeBob. Lol..

16th Feb done.


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