Indulgence. Sydney. Australia. 16th Feb 2014 Part 1

In this episode of Travel With Me, we are going to touch on something that has an A in its name. A, not a grade, not a person but it so happened that the topic I am about to discuss is … Australia.

I was at Sydney 2 weeks ago. My trip started on the day after Valentine’s day. I chose to go at this period as I wanted to have a feel of how Valentine’s day was spent in a foreign country since its a weekend, I believe that festive mood will get diffused in. Honestly, nothing special. Probably the rain and the flight delay made the whole trip special.

My flight suppose to depart at 0145 and it was delayed until 0450. I was at the airport at 0245 or 0300. No way I can board the flight any time sooner, so I went for a walk and only a few stalls were open. I went directly to Mcdonald’s to have a meal. Luckily I had that meal as I didn’t expect my flight will be longer than expected. I expect the flight to be 7.5 hours max. I landed at Sydney 12 hours later. Crazy isn’t it?

What happened then was really interesting. Someone on board fell ill, that person have no choice but to request to be sent to the hospital. The captain thought the nearest airport was Perth, so we ended up in Perth. We were held up on the plane for more than an hour so that the passenger can get off along with his/her luggage. When I reached Sydney, its already 7pm Sydney time. Adding insult to injury, the rain welcomed me. So when I was done with the administrative parts at the airport, I head to my hotel. Going to the hotel requires about 40 min max. By the time I reached the hotel I booked, it was already 9 to 930pm. I got dinner at the airport in case I can’t find any meal around the hotel. Its Mcdonald’s again. I got a McChicken this round and it cost ~ AUD$10 just for a medium sized meal. Double the price!

More eventful items happened. When I was at my hotel or should I name it as motel, I was told that there was a system error and my booking was not supposed to be made. Luckily the staff was nice enough to offer me a stay in their room for the night. I didn’t move out of the room except for washroom. It was so late and dark out there and it was my first trip to Sydney, I thought its better not to explore any further to reduce any more damages done for the day. When I thought it was over, I was wrong. The bathroom that they offered me actually had a sink problem. For whatever reason, the drainage system fail to work and so there was a choke all over. I have no choice but to highlight it to them. That was the last time I used the bathroom. And I retired myself for the night.

16th February.

I wasted a day for nothing unfortunately, so I got up early. Went for a quick shower and still choking up the sink. Lol. Then I went out starting my first ever solo trip around Sydney.

The motel was at a remote location. There were houses around but I think they were deserted. They have a 7-11 around the corner but I didn’t went in as you know, Mc going at AUD$10, what can a can of drink go in a 7-11 store? I went straight to the bus stop. I can’t take the train as it was under maintenance for the weekend. Luckily I did some research and was able to make my way to the city area.

This is how the interior of the bus looks like:


They actually have a cctv installed in the bus. For what reason, I really don’t know. I had breakfast at Subway. To be honest, I have no idea where to get breakfast, so on first sight, I just went in without any thoughts. The breakfast cost AUD$10. Since its fast food, I have no choice. It was filling as well. The portion I thought was quite enough for me. After that I head down to Central Station which was where I alighted from the bus I took from my motel.

ImageIt looked more like a railway station. I took the train to Circular Quay. The plan was simple. Walk to Opera house, take a picture. On the way, take another picture of Sydney Harbor Bridge and finally back to the ferry terminal to go to Taronga Zoo.


Due to the rain, I wasn’t able to have a good look of the opera house with the sun ray. But it was also nice as it wasn’t glaring but the trouble to just take a picture with the umbrella is not to be missed. lol.

With a quick glance as there isn’t much to do here in a rainy morning. I head straight to the ferry terminal to go to Taronga Zoo.

The view from the ferry was magnificent. Especially when you have the view of both the bridge and opera house. I didn’t have a very clear shot unfortunately.


I was at Taronga Zoo at around 0930. I don’t expect much from a zoo as its nothing special except for its animals that I don’t usually see. One of those interesting sights I saw was the lion. I have never been so up close to a lion even if its in an enclosure. This lion in particular slept very close to the window. For some reason, something woke it up and I was able to capture a good shot of it. A real live lion up close. Just a pity that it didn’t roar.

ImageBesides the lion, I had a good shot at the tiger as well. I was late when the tiger was moving around and stalking at its meat. I was able to get a good shot when they are at ease.



The whole trip to the zoo was nice. They had zookeepers giving lectures at certain timing which is a plus to it. If not for the rain, I will be able to make for one animal show. I actually have the opportunity to have a close up with the Koalas but it cost AUD$19. Its just the second day, I didn’t want to over spend my budget so I took a picture of it sleeping outside the cage. They have another enclosure just for Koalas and these Koalas were actively jumping around. I didn’t manage to do a video or picture of it but it was really good experience.


I ended my Taronga Zoo visit at around 1230 and head for the next destination. More to cover for 16th February!

More Sydney. Australia. Indulgence. In my next episode :)


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